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If you already have tenants in your property the best choice is always to keep them as happy as possible. Happy tenants are more likely to stay in your property long term which means guaranteed rent. Where your property is vacant and you want to put it on the market, there is a lot to consider but for landlords the top priority is renting out the property as quickly as possible.

With the ongoing costs of mortgage repayments and the threat of void periods being a concern, here are our top tips for renting your property quickly.

1. Keep the interior fresh

If your property has been worn down by previous successive tenants, it is in  your interests to update the property with a fresh lick of paint, new blinds and flooring at a minimum. Sometimes more extensive work is necessary which may be an unwanted cost in the short term but you want to impress prospective tenants by showing them the very best that your property has to offer.

2. Keep up with routine maintenance

Holding off on routine maintenance is never a good idea because it gives prospective tenants the impression that you don’t care as tenants will judge the current condition of the property as the type of service they will receive during the tenancy. At Propfinity we offer routine maintenance  as part of our fully managed services.

3. Keep it neutral

It can be tempting to try to make your property stand out by decorating it to your taste or in line with current trends. However, properties rent out quicker when the colours and the decor are neutral in style. Unfurnished properties go a long way in providing a blank canvas where the tenant can begin to envisage themselves in the property.

4. Keep it clean

A professional clean of the property goes a long way in making a prospective tenant want to quickly take your property off the market. Get in touch with Propfinity to learn more about our professional cleaning.

5. Keep on top of marketing

Tenants will have a notice period before they can vacate your property e.g. 3 months so you will want to take advantage of this by marketing your property early. This should be the case even if you have a tenant in situ which will help you steer clear of void periods. Get in touch with Propfinity to learn more about our Tenant Introduction services.

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