so how did propfinity come about?

our story

The global pandemic of 2020 sent shockwaves throughout the economic world resulting in massive shifts in the way business operations and processes had to function in order for businesses to deliver on their promises to their clients. Many started to leverage technology in order to overcome the inevitable barriers that resulted from social restrictions that were placed on us all. The housing market was no different and had to adapt its approach by including digitized tools to enable tenant and landlord to transact.
Propfinity was birthed from the idea that property deals can be completed exclusively with the use of technology from beginning to end and bring about customer satisfaction by making the transaction process simple and accessible. We are the pioneer for a completely digital lettings process that has never been done before. Our Keyless and Cloud based platform pushes the boundaries in way that allows landlords to let their properties quickly and with minimal effort so they can focus on enjoying the return on their investment.

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our culture

We value people as much as we value property!
There is no relationship without trust, we believe that transparency is central to this, so we live and breathe that in all our engagements and ensure an experience that can be trusted without any hidden surprise.
We have a strong ethical ethos that runs through our veins and we are guided by a moral compass that puts people and the environment first. We take a stand against anything that causes damage or compromises achieving a better community.
The world is constantly shifting and moving at a fast pace, requiring organizations to push the boundaries of what is possible, to deliver the best services to their clients. We take a limitless approach in order to deliver a service that’s new and ahead of it’s time.
Diversity, belonging, and inclusion are rooted in our being. We celebrate individuality as a team. We strive to build both a company and a platform based on the inclusivity we yearn to see in organizations across the UK
We honour our commitment by conducting ourselves in a manner that coincides with our core beliefs and follow through on our promises to one another and our clients.
Nobody knows everything there is to know about everything, this is why we take an active effort to continuously grow our knowledge base and skillsets to benefit one another and give the best and latest information to our clients.



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We’re a member of the key property governing bodies, so you have completepeace of mind and protection every step of the way with Propfinity.

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